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Workout Of the Day

"Wednesday 11/30/2016"

For Time:

Box Jumps
Drinking Birds



start time

Start time for Summer

We spoke with people at 5:30 AM about changing the start time of class during the summer to 5 AM. This would allow more people to come to class from the crowded PM sessions and be able to shower comfortably before work. Those who are coming to 5:30 AM have no objections and voiced that it would allow them to not rush out of class as well. So it will be, starting this Friday, July 1st, the 5:30 AM class will now start at 5 PM. No changes will be made to 6:30 AM. Those wanting to do CrossFit and...

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I love my gym & the support they give is so motivating! One thing I...

- Brasai


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